Working through Covid

Click on the above image for an NICD update on the Covid-19 Virus in South Africa.


Working together  during lock-down to ensure planning, growth and a smooth re-opening in our industry

To all our valued customers, we are hoping to put a positive spin on the current events and difficult circumstances.

Although we are on level one, we are operating at normal hours & still hope to work with all our clients, to lesson the knock that the Covid-19 induced lock-down has impacted upon all of us.

Perhaps we can all use this time to look at the bigger picture and investigate where we can streamline our operations.

Geerlings supplies capital machinery but our offerings go far beyond that scope  and we can use this time to prepare quotes or factory layouts or offer also the supply of dust extraction plants, alternative energy solutions and lifting equipment.

If you are thinking of changes and upgrades in the future, we have a team ready to help you. Whether short, medium or long term plans, we can work with you.

We want to help you to use this time in the best possible way and build optimism and plan the road ahead. This is an opportunity for your business to expand and take market share while everyone else contracts, we would like to be part of your planning and eventual growth. If you do not wish to expand, we can help make your current assets work harder and better for you and we can do an assessment together and come up with automation options or handling solutions. We look forward to your contact and working with you to achieve your goals.

Please contact us on the following numbers:
Cornelis Rostoll
082 415 4653
International and other provinces
Martiens Bezuidenhout
082 334 3841
Henk de Vries
082 415 1972
Western Cape
Cornelis Rostoll
Managing Director
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