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The top selling machines in the domestic market currently the following

dmc sd 90

Maximum performance for companies increasing production. Designed for the medium to high industrial companies that require diversified machiningdmc sd 90 satisfies all calibrating and sanding requirements, by offering a wide range of technological solutions allowing the possibility of customising the machines compositions. The availability of offering many types of operating units such as planing units, roller units (with 175, 220, 250 and 320 mm diameters), pad units and superfinishing units guarantees the very best results on solid wood, veneer, laquer and paint operations.

dmc sd 60

The new SCM compact wide belt sander: it is extremely versatile and allows the calibrating of MDF, chipboard. etc, the calibrating and sanding of solid wood, the pre-sanding and sanding of veneered panels and the finishing of painted surfaces.

minimax ls stroke sander : 2500-3000mm

Belt sander with double gooseneck for craftsmen and professional workshops.

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Automatic sanding and calibrating machines

For all your Woodworking & associated Machinery requirements